March 29, 2022 Installation, Live Video

21.04-23.04.2022 | audiovisual installation | live performance | workshop
International Conference: Planetary drifts | Université de Montréal


In the audiovisual installation wasterrain a broken flat screen monitor serves u-matic + telematique as the resource from which faulty, mostly unwanted images and sounds are “mined” and extracted.

Engaging with the invisible and the hyper-abundancy of uncontrolled data, the installation transforms the extracted images into fresh pixel building blocks from which a virtual 3D landscape emerges.


This new, artificial terrain is being explored in an audiovisual live performance in real-time. With the use of such cutting-edge interactive techniques as modified game engines, the artists create a visual instrument that enables viewers to immerse themselves in a direct acoustic and visual experience of transforming and transformative landscapes.