June 29, 2022 Home, Installation, Live Video

21.04-23.04.2022 | audiovisual installation | live performance | workshop
International Conference: Planetary drifts | Université de Montréal


The audiovisual installation wasterrain consists of multiple interactive, performative and virtual reality components. A broken flat screen monitor serves u-matic + telematique as the resource from which faulty, mostly unwanted images and sounds are “mined” and extracted.

Engaging with the invisible and the hyper-abundancy of uncontrolled data, the installation transforms the extracted images into fresh pixel building blocks from which a virtual 3D landscape emerges.

The installation’s reworked data ruins signal the global production of and planetary damage caused by technofossils. Their three dimensional transformation creates zones of indiscernibility, of the messy and spontaneous.

This new, artificial terrain is being explored in an audiovisual live performance in real-time. With the use of such cutting-edge interactive techniques as modified game engines, the artists create a visual instrument that enables viewers to immerse themselves in a direct acoustic and visual experience of transforming and transformative landscapes.