08.10. 2022 | Fragile Fragments

October 26, 2022 News

Live AV Performance | Sonic Acts Biennial | Amsterdam | Het Hem

Fragile Fragments AV Performance, a collaboration between the sound artist pantea and the visual artists u-matic & telematique, speculates the fragile multiplicities of planetary ecologies and metamorphoses. This dialogue imagines fictitious living forms that might come to life under conditions of extreme environmental pollution and scarcity, such as those present in the disturbed environmental habitats of the deep sea. Living forms in which the lines between plant, animal, and human are blurred. Distinguishing them from one another has become impossible. Different phases of this work represent ascending formation of sounds and visual organic elements that develop continuous growth and porosity within a living-nonliving interface.

Audio: pantea

Video: u-matic & telematique